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oicu812 = Skullwraith

thirteen1 = Badger Helm

dragonkhan823480 = Dragonkhan sword

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Q: What are the codes for valencia in aqw?
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What are the valencia codes in aqw?

oicu812 thirteen1 dragonkhan8234280

Any aqw secret codes?

Type them in Valencia: oicu812 thirteen1

Aqw codes for buying at valencia?

If you the code oicu812 a sword called skullwraith will come out

Where is the dragonkhan shop in AQW?

You may access this shop from talking to Valencia in /join battleontown, selecting 'codes', and entering "Dragonkhan8234280".

What is the code from Beckett Online Gamer that unlocks a store in AQW?

you go to valencia in battleon special codes and type oicu812

What are codes for valencia in aqw?

oicu812 - Skullwraith sword thirteen1 - Thirteen1 Badger helm Dragonkhan8234280 - Dragon Khan sword

What is the secret code on aqw?

it is ouci812 for valencia

What is the special code for Valencia in aqw?


What are some codes on aqw?

Go to:Battleon ---> Battleon Centre (The actual City) ---> Valencia ---> Secret Codes2 Codes that work are:oicu812 = Skullwraith Sword - 10 goldThirteen1 = BadgerBadgerBadger Helmet - Free

What is the codes aqw?

You can talk to Valencia in the BattleOn town square and type in a code to unlock different items. Type: dragonkhan8234820 to get a weapon called Dragon Khan Blade. Type: Thirteen1 to get a badger helm. Type: Oicu812 to get a weapon called Skullwraith.

Can you get werewolf morf in aqw?

Yes you can but you will have to have 200 coins to get it. It is in Valencia AC shop. XD

What are some AQW codes?