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Q: What are the cheats for sheep bounce on intrepica?
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What are all the cheats for intrepica?

there is no cheat for block stack. Sheep Bounce- Turnedpinkinthewash, bluesheep and blacksheep. Penpen's Express- freefuelforme, thispenguinjustkeepsongoing, silverlining, goforgold and redredred Turtle Knock- neverrunoutofshots

What are all the cheat codes on Intrepica?

for sheep-bounce the cheats are bluesheep turnedpinkinthewash blacksheep, feedmewords penpens express are freefuelforme redredred goforgold silverling ghost and thispenguinjustkeepsongoing and for turtle knock it is neverrunoutofshots.

How do you get the black sheep on Intrepica?

find it somewhere

Who do you find the hidden red sheep on Intrepica?


What is the code in intrepica for the blue sheep and the black sheep and the pink sheep?

Blue sheep is bluesheep Blacksheep is blacksheep Pinksheep is pinksheep

What are the cheats for bounce?

thecheat to not die7879

What is the secret codes for sheep bounce?


What is the code for literacy planet sheep bounce?

Cheat 4 - feedmewords makes the sheep into wordmonster

What are the cheat codes for literacy planet sheep bounce?


How do you do the blockstack in intrepica?


What are the cheats in Bounce tales a mobile phone game?

don't do anything

How do you cheat on penpen's express?

You have to finish all 16 levels. There are 2 badges one with cheats and one without cheats. the cheats for penpens express are for unlimited fuel L: freefuelforme and unlimited live is : thispenguinjustkeepsongoing all red fish is : redforred all gold fish is : goforgold and for block stack the cheat is stickyblocks and for turtle knock the cheat is neverrunoutofshots and the sheep bounce cheats are blacksheep, bluesheep and turnedpinkinthewash. Thats it from me ask for other cheats.