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Q: What is the secret codes for sheep bounce?
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What are some secret codes for literacy planet?

For Sheep bounce there is turnedpinkinthewash and for blue and black it is just bluesheep or blacksheep

What are the cheat codes for literacy planet sheep bounce?


What are the cheat codes for sheep bounce?

JUST TURNED PINK IN THE WASH blueshhep blacksheep

How do you open the cheat codes menu on intrepica?

Here's how to enter the cheat codes. 1. Go to the Sheep Bounce game in the Arcade. 2. Click "Start Game" on the Menu screen. 3. When you are playing a game, press the "grave accent" key (`). This key is usually found below the ESC key and to the left of the number 1 key. 4. This will open up a cheat window. 5. Type in the following codes then click "Ok". (Note: the code is all lowercase and with no spaces.) The cheat codes for Sheep Bounce are: blacksheep - unlocks the black sheep bluesheep - unlocks the blue sheep turnedpinkinthewash - unlocks the pink sheep feedmewords - unlocks Word Monster The cheat codes for Penpen's Express are: freefuelforme - unlimited fuel thispenguinjustkeepsongoing - unlimited lives silverlining - all silver fish goforgold - all gold fish redredred - all red fish The cheat code for Turtle Knock is: neverrunoutofshots - unlimited shots The cheat codes for Block Stack are: stickyblocks momentum

What is the code for literacy planet sheep bounce?

Cheat 4 - feedmewords makes the sheep into wordmonster

How do you get secret moshling bounce?

Bounce isn't the name of any Moshlings in Monstro City.

What are cheats for literacy planet?

redredred penpens express turnedpinkinthewash,redsheep,bluesheep,blacksheep sheep bounce stickyblocks block stack all literacy planet cheat codes for everyone that wants to get some literacy plkanet badges!!!!!hope you enjoy!

Are there secret codes for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends?

Secret codes for what?

What are the cheats for sheep bounce on intrepica?

blacksheep bluesheep turnedpinkinthewash

What are all the cheat codes on Intrepica?

for sheep-bounce the cheats are bluesheep turnedpinkinthewash blacksheep, feedmewords penpens express are freefuelforme redredred goforgold silverling ghost and thispenguinjustkeepsongoing and for turtle knock it is neverrunoutofshots.

How do you travel without your ship on chuck the sheep?

We you hit the ground, you may lose your ship and continue to roll or bounce on as just a sheep.

What are all the pixie hollow secret codes in 2013?

The list of secret codes is in the related links.