What are the best non-m ps3 games?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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TRON: Evolution for PS3 is rated T for Teen, and it's been getting some amazing reviews - Kris Abel of CTV even called it the best game of 2010!

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Q: What are the best non-m ps3 games?
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What were the best PS3 games of 2008?

The best PS3 games of 2008 were definitley all the Call Of Duty games!

What are the best games for the ps3 and why?

MW2 its amazing!! :)

Is the PS3 the best game console?

Ps3 is the best all day long! Xbox has crap graphics ,online costs,not as many good games and not good hd! Ps3 is the best ! Xbox is no match! Choose the ps3 ! It is worth it!

What are the best PS3 games?

TDU = Test Drive Unlimited

The best ps3 games in 2010?

modern warfare 2 !

What store is best to buy ps3 games?

Walmart, Best Buy, Target, these are all good stores for buying ps3 games. However the prices are the same no matter what store the game is at. The only exceptions is used games.

Can you play ps2 games on old 120gb PS3?

no. The new ps3's will not play ps2 titles. They are missing the emotion engine. The best ps3 for ps2 games is the 60 gb version.

Best create a character games for PS3?

Saints Row 2

Who is the host when playing online ps3 games?

whoever has the best connection

Who is the best player on ps3?

It would depend on what kind of games you play.

What games have ubisoft made for PS3?

Ubisoft has developed quite a few games for PS3. Some of their best know series that have games on PS3 include Price of Persia, Far Cry, and Brothers in Arms. Ubisoft tends to produce more of their games for Xbox 360, and have built many games for Xbox 360 that were not released for PS3.

What are some PS3 games?

Since there are a large number of PS3 games it was felt the best answer would be to add some related links to sites that would continue to add games as they are developed.