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fire: eruption/blast burn

water: water spout/hydro cannon

grass: frenzy plant (i think)

electric: thunder, volt tackle, zap cannon

ice: blizzard, sheer cold(OHKO move)

dragon: roar of time

flying: brave bird, sky attack

ground: earthquake, Judgement(arceus with a earth plate), Fissure(OHKO move)

rock: head smash

steel: iron tail, Judgement(arceus with an iron plate

dark: dark pulse/sucker punch, judgement(only with Arceus and the dread plate)

ghost: shadow force

fighting: focus punch

psychc: dream eater, Judgement(arceus with mind plate)

normal: explosion, hyper beam, giga impact, Horn Drill(OHKO move), Gillotine(OHKO move)

bug: bug buzz, judgement(only with Arceus and with the insect plate)

poison: gunk shot

??? type: curse, judgement(arceus with ??? plate)

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The best Pokémon moves of each type are Explosion and Self-Destruct for Normal, v-create for Fire, Roar of Time for Dragon, Focus Punch for Fighting, Frenzy Plant for Grass, Rock Wrecker and Head Smash for Rock, Hydro Cannon for Water, Light of Ruin for Fairy, Sky Attack for Flying, Freeze Shock and Ice Burn for Ice, Psycho Boost for Psychic, Doom Desire for Steel, Bolt Strike for Thunder, Megahorn for Bug, Shadow Force for Ghost, Precipice Blades for Ground, Gunk Shot and Belch for Poison and Hyperspace Fury for Dark.

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Q: What are the best Pokemon moves of each type?
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Which Pokemon type is the Best Grass or Ice?

ice type moves

What is Pokemon Snorlax weakness?

Fighting type moves are best

How do you difite lorelei and Bruno and Agatha?

Lorelei has Ice and Water type pokemon, the best way to defeat her pokemon is to use Electric type pokemon or pokemon that have Electric type moves. Bruno has Fighting type pokemon and two Rock/Ground types, the best way to defeat his pokemon is to use Psychic pokemon or pokemon that have Psychic type moves. Agatha has Ghost and Poison type pokemon, the best way to defeat her pokemon is to also use Psychic type pokemon or pokemon with Psychic type attacks.

What are the best Pokemon moves of each type in emerald?

depends i like hyper beam, most dragon moves, protect, fly, earthquake, mega horn, strenght, or thrash

What is the best Pokemon to use to defeat Snorlax?

Snorlax is a normal type Pokemon. Therefore, a Fighting type pokemon using Fighting type moves will be super effective.

What types affect steel Pokemon the best?

Fighting and Ground type moves are super-effective against steel type pokemon.

What is bug Pokemon weakness?

Bug Pokemon are weak against: Fire type moves, Rock Type moves and Flying Type moves.

What Pokemon are good against Dialga on Pokemon diamond?

Fighting and Ground type moves are most effective against dialga, since it is a dragon+steel type pokemon.

What is the weakness of ice type in Pokemon Pearl?

Ice type Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl are weak to fighting type moves, rock type moves steel type moves and fire type moves. This has not changed since the first generation (Pokemon Red and Blue/Green) when the steel type did not exist.

What type of Pokemon are good against fire type?

Ground type moves, rock type moves and water type moves are super-effective against fire type pokemon.

What Pokemon type is best for beating petalburg gym leader in Pokemon ruby version?

use a good fighting type Pokemon like machoke and use its moves

What Pokemon are weaker against dragon moves?

Dragon type moves are only super effective against Dragon type Pokemon.