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Gene-Warped Warwolf 2000 ATK 100 DEF

no drawback effect

Thunder King Rai-Oh 1900 ATK 800 DEF

stops opponent from adding cards to hand besides drawing

can be tributed on either turn to negate a special summon and destroy the summoned monster

Doomcaliber Knight 1900 ATK 1800 Def

must be tributed to negate a monster effect

use with caution

usually the ones with 1900 atk( luster dragon, vorse raider, archfiend solider). they are pretty good, and have no negative effects, well, they don't have effects at all.

An example of a high attack lv 4 moster would be ssaber beatle 2400 atk but your opponent draws a card when it destroys a monster, however, if you use skill drain, many monsters like these will be easily summoned with high attack and no negative effects.


Level 4 Monsters:

Giant Orc: ATK 2200

Goblin Attack Force: ATK 2300

Goblin Elite Attack Force: ATK 2200

Slate Warrior: ATK 1900

Spear Dragon: ATK 1900

chainsaw insect:ATK 2400

Jirai Gumbo: ATK 2200

Zombyra The Dark: ATK 2100


Of course, if you want a very high attack 4 star monster, equip Chainsaw Insect with 3 United We Stand cards while Scapegoat has been played on your side of the field, as well as Metalmorph and Megamorph while your Life Points are lower. Then attack Dragon Master Knight equipped with 3 United We Stand cards, and two Axe of Despair cards, with four other Dragon monsters on your opponent's side of the field. That gives you a rather nice ATK of 20,500 from a four star. Happy days.


The most powerful 4 star is Giant Kozaky


Effect is kinda negative though..

If there is no face-up "Kozaky" on the field, destroy this card. If this face-up card is destroyed, inflict damage equal to the original ATK of this card to its current controller.

So that means if Giant Kozaky is destroyed (Either by kozaky (Atk:400 Def:400 being destroyed or itself beig destroyed) you lose 2500 LP!

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Q: What are the best 4 star monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh?
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