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Stardust dragon is not available in yugioh gx tag force 3 as it is a gx version. Only a 5ds version such as yugioh 5ds tag force 4 would have stardust. So, try getting yugioh 5ds tag force 4.

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Q: Where do you get stardust dragon in yu gi oh gx tagforce 3?
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How do you get the Egyptian god cards in Yu-Gi-Oh gx tagforce?

get the yugioh GX tag force 3

Are their any Yu-Gi-Oh GX games on PSP?

yes try yugioh gx tagforce 2 its on psp

How do you get deck recipes on yu-gi-oh GX tagforce 2?

You get deck recipes for Yugioh GX Tag Force 2 by beating the game with your partner.

How do you chosse a partner in Yu-Gi-Oh gx tagforce 2?

After you listen to the Chancellor's speech, it asks you to pick a partner.

How get obelisk blue in yu gi oh gx tagforce?

you can't become an obelisk blue in this game. you have to finish it as a slifer.

How can you get free cards on Yu-Gi-Oh gx tagforce?

You can find some laying on the ground. also you start out with a FREE deck

How do you get chazz's cards on Yu-Gi-Oh gx tagforce?

I don't really know as I don't have tagforce 1 but you probably have to choose him as your partner. If you can't pick him to start with complete story mode with Jaden etc.

How do you level up in yu gi oh gx tagforce?

if you go on to pda and statis it will show you your esp and to make it go up just battle

Yu-Gi-Oh GX Tagforce 1 on PS2 how to get Sadie and Dorothy as your partner?

challange Dorothy in a battle in the day that it drees like a dark magigation girl

How do you get the transfer test for ra yellow in yu-gi-oh gx tagforce evolution?

You can't transfer to Ra yellow or Obelisk blue you just can be a Slifer Red

How do you get partner in Yu-Gi-Oh GX tagforce?

It depends on which one you are talking about. Tag force 1 your partner is the person who your relationshiop with is strongest. Tag force 2 is whoever you choose which is the same with number 3. In tagforce 1 find the partner which his relashionship is strongest. In tagforce 2 and 3 you get to choose your partner yourself

Is armed dragon lv 10 the best dragon type in yu- gi-oh gx?

That is a matter of opinion.