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The achievements are:

The Idol: You filled up the friend meter for all fairies! (28/28)

The Detective: You found 50 lost items!

The Deliverer: You delivered 50 items!

The Present Giver: You gave 50 presents!

The Poetry Buff: You listened to all of Terence's poems! (42/42)

The Story Aficiando: You heard all of the stories! (21/21)

The Bug Catcher: You helped catch 100 bugs!

The Ladybug Painter: You painted 5 ladybugs in one game!

The Silk-spinner: You collected threads from 20 silkworms in one go!

The Dewdrop Catcher: You caught 50 dewdrops in one game! (get "Perfect" on Difficult level)

The Treasure Hunter: You found 25 jewel stones in one go!

The Fairy Racer: You got over 5000 points in the Fairy Race!

Fastest Fairy Alive: You tagged Vidia in the Fairy Race within 25 seconds!

The Fairy Medalist: You collected 10,000 Fairy Medals!

The Fruit Connoisseur: You got 100 fruits created by the Fruit Fairy!

Flower Connoisseur: You got 100 plants created by the Garden Fairy!

The Designer: You made 10 original designs!

Fairy For All Seasons: You succeeded in preparing 60 seasons! (15 years!!)

The Season Speedster: You prepared a season within 10 minutes!

The Fashion Leader: You created 15 trends with the items you made!

The Trend Setter: You created 5 trends in a row!

The Dress Collecter: You collected all the dresses!

The Shoe Collecter: You collected all the shoes!

The Recipe Collecter: You collected all the Recipe Cards! (100/100)

The Plant Collecter: You collected all the plants! (88/88)

The Jewlery Collecter: You collected all the jewel stones! (15/15)

The Adventurer: You entered a secret map 30 times! (Ask Iridessa for jewel hunting)

The Balloon Specialist: You got a lost item from the Balloon Wagon 30 times!

The Shop Owner: You sold your original item for 800 Fairy Medals!

A Very Rare Talent: You unlocked all the secrets!

(the last achievement, "A Very Rare Talent," is unlocked after all other 29 achievements have a gold ribbon next to them)

(last achievement is the 30th one, the one at the very bottom of the achievement list, is the one that is always like this: "?????", until you unlock it.


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Q: What are the achievements on Tinkerbell Nintendo DS?
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