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I think it is Silvermist because it shows a water drop

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Q: Where do you find pearls on Tinkerbell for Nintendo DS?
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How do you beat Tinkerbell game on Nintendo DS?

pelo computador é so você falar:: asaubumbisdksa

Where do you find a topaz on Tinkerbell ds?

You can get one by gem hunting with Iridessa

Where do you find the spells in the DS game Tinkerbell and the lost treasure?


What does it mean when you hold your stylus on Tinkerbell in Tinkerbell and the lost treasure for DS?

your stylus is the little pin like thing n the side of your Nintendo DS. when it says "hold your stylus on Tinkerbell" it means hold down your stylus (as described above) and move it around on the screen. (i home this information has been useful to you :D )

Where can you get a cheap Nintendo DS Lite?

You can find a cheap Nintendo DS Lite on Craiglist.

What do you do if you lost what if your Nintendo DS?

If you lost your Nintendo ds...... Find it or buy a new one.

Where do you find yellow leafs in Tinkerbell DS game?

Playing the leaf game

How do you find your SSID on a Nintendo DS?

You cant find SSID on ds you have to know it from your computer and type it in your DS.

WHERE CAN You find webkinz games for ds?

There is no Webkinz Nintendo DS game.

Where do you find water lily in Tinkerbell for ds?

In the game Tinkerbell for DS, you can find water lilies in the Pixie Hollow Garden area. Look around ponds or bodies of water within the game to locate the water lilies.

How do you get tulip on Tinkerbell ds?

You find a sparkle somewere and you should find 2x tulip that should work try it!

Where can one find a comprehensive list of games for the Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo website has a list of all of the current games put out for the Nintendo DS. There is also a comprehensive list on the Wikipedia page "List of Nintendo DS games."