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Jesse is Musashi: Jessebella is Musa-pyon, Jessadia is Pretty Musalin, Jessilina is Candy Musalina

James is Koujiro

Professor Oak is Professor Okkido

Delia Ketchum is Hanako

Ash Ketchum is Satoshi

Misty is Kasumi

Gary Oak is Shigeru Okkido

Brock is Takeshi

Tracy Sketchit is Kenji

May is Haruka

Max is Masato

Steven Stone is Daigo Tsuwabuki

Drew is Shu

Robert is Robert

Harley is Harley

Solidad is Saori

Dawn is Hikari

Paul is Shinji

Kenny is Kengo

Reggie is Reiji

Wallace is Mikuri

To fins other names use type in the character and their profile will tell you their Japanese names.

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Q: What are the Pokemon character's Japanese names?
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What is the names of the main characters in Pokemon black and white?

By main characters, I think you mean the player characters. If so, yes, they have names. The boy is named Hilbert, and the girl is named Hilda. Their Japanese names are similar as well. The boy's is Touya, and the girl's is Touko.

What are the Japanese names for the characters of Pokemon HeartGold?

YOU CAN'T, you have to get the game in Tokyo/Japan in order to make the words on pokemon heartgold be japaneze. If you get it in a English state, it will be English!

Is Naruto a Japanese charactor?

yes, all naruto characters are japanese they usually use english names for non-japanese characters in manga & animes

What are the pokemon characters names?

they are dawn and lucas

What Pokemon have unique names?

Pokemon NamesXatu is the only Pokemon with a name starting with an "x."

How do you write kingdom hearts characters in Japanese?

What, like this? "キングダム ハーツ" Or are you looking for the names of characters in the game?

What are the names of the little twin stars?

The names of the Little Twin Stars are Kiki and Lala. They are characters created by the Japanese company Sanrio.

How can you write your names in Japanese and Korean characters Ruby and Rawabi and Abrar and Emtinan and Aram?


How do you write Patty and Melody in Japanese characters?

パティ /pa ti/ and メロディー /me ro dii/ would be the Japanese spellings of those names.

What fictional Japanese characters live in a Digital World?

The "Digital World" might be referring to the Japanese characters called Digimon, or Digital Monsters. Digimon are creatures, similar in nature to Pokemon. They can fight each other and evolve into higher forms, but unlike Pokemon, they do not stay evolved.

What are the new starter Pokémon names in Pokemon Black and White?

Japanese names: Tsutaja, Pokabu, and Mijumaru. English names: Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott

What Pokemon have kept their Japanese names?

Pikachu is the only one I know of. (watch TV's in Pokemon White, one states pikachu is universal)