What are some opinions on video games?

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Video Games are fun it. their are also competitions all over the world so video games can be a skill

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Q: What are some opinions on video games?
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What are some cool video games?

Since the answer to this question is based on people's opinions, you will get many different answers. In my opinion, Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are great video games.

What are some video games for teens?

Here are some video games for teensfortnitehalojumanji: the video gameleaugle of lengendsFalcon agetacoma& more

What did Roger Ebert have to say about video games as an art?

Roger Ebert was a not the type of person to keep his opinions to himself. On the subject of video games as art, he wrote an entire blog post in 2010 detailing how he thinks that video games can never be art.

What are some considerations when making video games?

There are many considerations when making video games. Some considerations needed when making video games include the cost of the video game, the genre and the plot.

Can you get in Trouble for hacking a video game?

some video games yes some no

Are video games good for kids?

Well it depends on what kind of video games are the kids playing with and how long you use the video games. Some types of video games are for kids not all.

What is the beat video game?

The best video game will vary by other people's opinions and what game system the game uses. One of the best video games would be Super Mario Brothers.

What are some Nintendo DS video games?

Some Nintendo DS video games are Nintendogs, Harvest Moon DS, and various Pokemon games.

What is the definition for video games?

Video games are defined as what the name implies. Games that are played using video conections to a TV or some kind of screen.

Are playing video games good for you?

Some video games can be good for precision and coordination exercises. Violent video games and games are not good for you. Video games that are entertaining can be a good way to relieve stress if played in moderation.

Why is video games relaxing?

Is it relaxing? Studies have shown that some video games especially mulitplayer games are frustrating to play.

Are video games for boys only?

No girls can definitely play video games! Some are designed for girls!

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