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Blair, Victoria, Eleanor, Ivy, Vivian, Ingrid, and diamond

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Q: What are some names for a spoiled mean and rich girl?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Spoiled Rich Kids - 2006?

The cast of Spoiled Rich Kids - 2006 includes: Sian Brunton as Little Rich Girl - opening sequence

Tokyo mew mew mint?

She is a spoiled rich girl who was infused with a blue lorikeet dna.

Who is Mint in Tokyo Mew Mew?

She is a spoiled rich girl who was infused with a blue lorikeet DNA.

Any Names for a mean rich girl and a poor kind girl?

Rich girl: Cassidy or Katie or Jenny Poor girl: Tara, Blake, Mary, Jo, things like that simple. Maybe Carly

What does The Greek gods are like spoiled children mean?

They our rude.

Am I Rich Or Just Spoiled?

There are two different meanings for the words rich and spoiled. A person is rich when they have more things of value than other people. A person is spoiled when they believe they are better than other people because they have so much or believe they're entitled to everything they want. A person would have to decide where they fall to to figure out whether they're rich or spoiled.

Is Keke Palmer spoiled?

No, she isn't spoiled. Even though she is rich, she manages to stay grounded.

What does brat mean?

brat means Beautiful Rich And Talented--It really means spoiled, snippy, and female-dog. :P

What actors and actresses appeared in Nihilistic Chick - 2002?

The cast of Nihilistic Chick - 2002 includes: Stefanie Black as The Girl Lora Kojovic as Spoiled Rich Girl Alex Koukouras as Pizza Guy

Is Selena gomez spoiled?

Selena Gomez is spoiled but not in a bad way. she is rich and the only childso yea, she's spoiled but she is not snotty and rude and has attitude likeother spoiled kids are.No, she is not. Just because she is an American actress doesn't mean she is spoilt! Selena Gomez would admit to being really spoilt because she is a good person.

How rich are the sprouse brothers?

They are rich, but not the 'spoiled' kind of rich. They're still down-to-earth and don't get everything they want, despite their income.

What did Hades alternate name mean?

Hades' alternate names mean 'the unseen one' and 'the rich one'.