Words that mean wealthy

Updated: 4/28/2022
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rich affluent well-off well-to-do rolling-in-dough

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Q: Words that mean wealthy
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What is Antonyms of WEALTHY?

Poor, unsuccessful, failing, or destitute. Those words mean wealthy.

Does the name Jessica mean Wealthy?

Yes Jessica does mean wealthy and Jess means rich

What does Wealthy mean?

Wealthy means having a lot of money. = rich

What does he had goods enough mean?

He is quite wealthy.$$$

What words describe wealth?

rich, wealthy.

What is a 8 letter word that mean wealthy?

an 8 letter word for wealthy is ....... affluent

What does well-to-do mean?

It means wealthy.

What does the name Jessamy mean?


What does the name abimbola mean?

born to be wealthy

What does the name tasfia mean?

it means wealthy

What is five words to describe bill gates?

Noble Charitable Wealthy Microsoft Intelligent

What does you are wealthy in your friends mean?

It means that you have a lot of very good friends, and can consider yourself wealthy in that sense.