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World of Warcraft.



There is another game that's like RuneScape, called World of Warcraft, though as good as this game really is, I wouldn't make it a hobby since it can turn out to be an expensive one in the long run.

FrugooScape is exactly like RuneScape, but, you use codes, and no Membership, Faster Leveling, some skills have troubles, extremely fun PK, and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!



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Q: What are some games similar to RuneScape?
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What are some free online RPG games similar to runescape?

There are none that are free and similar to runescape, other than a runescape private server.

What role-playing games take similar aspects of RuneScape but aren't linked in with RuneScape or fun orb.?

One role-playing game is World of Warcraft.There Aren't games EXACTLY LIKE RUNESCAPE but there are some that are in a way similar. If you think RuneScape is too boring or hard maybe try MoparScape or Silab.

What are some easy scapes like runesape?

I am not entirely sure what you mean with "easy scapes". I am not aware of other games that are similar to RuneScape, but if you like RuneScape, you can play RuneScape itself, of course. You can also search online for other online games.

Any games similar to club penguin but for free?


Are there any games similar to RuneScape but are not violent?

no. But not all of runescape is violent. You can 'skill' which involves no violence at all.

Are there any online games similar to runescape?

Only world of warcraft.

What are some games similar to woozworld?

yes there is, 1. fantage 2. runescape 3. club penguin 4. small world

How many rune scape games are there?

The only RuneScape game is RuneScape, but Jagex has made other games and there are various private servers similar to it... Such as PKHONOR or Grinderscape

What RPG's are similar to RuneScape?

Here are some other RPG's that are similar to RuneScape:* World of Warcraft * Guild Wars * Fallen Sword * Maplestory * Dragon Fable * Tribal Wars * Flyff If you are looking for online games with chat:* I.M.V.U * Habbo Hotel * The Sims Online

What is RuneScape but is not actually RuneScape?

There is FunOrb, where some games are like the genre of RuneScape. And it's all under Jagex

What are some no download medieval games?


Give you some sites that are simalir to runescape?

Only world of warcraft is really similar to runescape, however this requires downloads.