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similar of smallworlds is: secretbiuldres

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Q: What are some games similar to smallworlds?
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What are some fun RPG games?

I think some fun rpg games are dragonquest smallworlds and clubpenguin

Are there any kind of games like smallworlds?

OurWorld is a game like Smallworlds.

What games are better than smallworlds?


Are there any games like Habbo or Spineworld?


What are some good online games like smallworlds?

red remover, club penguin,wizards101,ROBLOX LOTS!

What are games like club penguin but with no virus?

some games are poptropica, meez, smallworlds, moviestarplanet,imvu,woozworld,toontown and habbo also weeworld

Who created smallworlds?

Dan Smallworlds created Smallworlds.

What are some computer games that are fun and dont need downloading?

well 2 start there is smallworlds where you have your own 3d character and you have a home and pet.

What are some glitches for smallworlds?

The Clothing Glitches!

Which country created smallworlds?

Smallworlds was created in New Zealand and the person who owns smallworlds is Dan Smallworlds

Are there any games like sims that you don't have to dowload anying?

There is IamFam Or Smallworlds

What are popular social games for teenagers?

habbo hotel smallworlds weeworlds and meez