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Q: What are some cheat codes for the iPod game Atlantis Oceans?
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What are all the cheat codes for the Lego atlantis manta bash game?

I know three. The anser is level5 fart and slow

What are all the cheats for the Lego atlantis shark chase game?

Dark, Fast, Sharkproof and Beans are the 4 cheat codes.

Are there cheat codes in territory war online?

No there are no cheat codes for this game

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Cheat codes for the facebook game fashion wars?

Cheet codes for gaiaonline?

*cheat There are no cheat codes. It's a forum, not a game.

Cheat codes for games?

you can get cheat codes of any game by visiting

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there are no cheat codes for that game

Do you have cheats for PlayStation 2?

Cheat codes can vary from game to game. There are no overall cheat codes for the PlayStation 2. They do make books that list cheat codes for the game on PlayStation 2's.

What is the game shark cheat codes?

game shark cheat codes are long numbered and lettered codes that you enter on a game shark device that fits is a game boy advance.

Where can I find cheat codes for the game Halo?

You can find cheat codes for the game Halo on plenty of places online. There's also plenty of cheat books that were sold to show what codes each game has.

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Get bear to the x!

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there are no cheat codes for iq ball it is a strategy game