What is the game shark cheat codes?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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game shark cheat codes are long numbered and lettered codes that you enter on a game shark device that fits is a game boy advance.

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Q: What is the game shark cheat codes?
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What cheat codes can be used in pokemon crystal?

Game shark codes

Is there any rhythm tengoku cheat codes for game shark?

There are Gameshark codes for this game, google them

Where do you put the cheat codes on pokemon emerald?

You'll need a game-shark or other cheat code device. The game itself does not have cheat codes. A game-shark (or game-genie, or whatever) replaces the games original programming with the cheat code data. when the game-shark is inserted into the console, the console will jump to the code screen before actually starting the game.

How do you apply cheat codes on Game Boy with a game shark?

you hve tons of fun

What are some Cheat codes for predator concrete jungle for the PS2?

there are NO!!! cheat codes for the game like x o triangle there are no codes like that but there is action replay and game shark

Where do you enter kingdom hearts 2 cheat codes?

You can't enter cheat codes, you have to buy a game shark. yes you can.but i dont know how

How can you put cheat codes in your Pokemon LeafGreen?

You cant, Only you can use a Game Shark.

What do you need to have to enter cheat codes on Pokemon platinum?

Game shark or Action Replay

Are there cheat codes for metal arms glitch in the system?

no. But i think there is in game shark

Lego atlantis cheat codes?

put in hobo and the shark will be a hobo(will not work!!) cheat codes will let you beat the shark, you will find the cheat codes with a simple question.

Where to get game shark cheat codes for madden NFL 08?

you can get gameshark codes at just choose which console and click (the console) codes

Walk through walls cheat codes Pokemon emerlard?

A Game Shark is the only way