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You'll need a game-shark or other cheat code device. The game itself does not have cheat codes. A game-shark (or game-genie, or whatever) replaces the games original programming with the cheat code data. when the game-shark is inserted into the console, the console will jump to the code screen before actually starting the game.

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Q: Where do you put the cheat codes on pokemon emerald?
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Where do you put in cheat codes into Pokemon emerald?

On an action replay

Where do i put cheat codes in for Pokemon red rescue team and also... where do i enter cheat codes for it?

i dont know but u can find cheat codes at

Where do you put the cheat codes in for platinum?

If its Pokemon Platinum, then you need the Action Replay which you can purchase at Gamestop. It's a slot that you put in your DS and you load it and put the cheat codes in.

Can you put cheat codes on Pokemon white without the action replay dsi?


How do you put in the cheat codes in Pokemon Platinum on the Nintendo DS?

action replay

How can you put in passwords in Pokemon Emerald?

You Cannot put in passwords manually you need to have an action replay pro with Pokemon emerald passwords in it. You can however manually input the action replay codes onto the action replay using codes found on the internet.

Where do you type in codes for Pokemon on the ds?

You must first have a cheat device for example Action Replay, then you can put the codes on that

Pokemon dimoand action reply cheats?

put some cheat codes and their names

How can you put cheat codes in your Pokemon LeafGreen?

You cant, Only you can use a Game Shark.

Where do you put the cheat codes in emerald?

If you are using the emulator. There should be button at the top that allows you to enter the cheat code. By the way you know that you need a master code. That can be found in a cheat website.

How do you get the Pokemon from the cheat codes in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

go in to create opning taunt put in code then press ok

When i put Pokemon emerald in my action replay gba it says unknown game and im not sure if this is why no codes work i have entered the name it just does not recognize it?

Maybe you put in a cheat code before that happened and messed it up. If not, you could enter the Game ID into the GameShark (That's what it is called for GBA.) and add a bunch of cheat codes if you wish. It may take awhile.