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The answers are as shown.

1) health

2) force

3) chicken

4) beans

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Q: What are all the cheat codes for the Lego atlantis crab attack game?
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What are all Lego atlantis crab attack cheat codes?


What is The cheat codes for the Lego Atlantis Shark Attack?

dark,fast,sharkproof, and,fart

Lego atlantis crab attack cheat codes?

Crab attack: chicken Tentacle tickle: ink

What do the LEGO Atlantis cheat codes do?

They make it easier to get past the games. For example: in Lego atlantis shark chase without cheat codes it is difficult and with the cheat codes you are invincible.

What is the cheat codes for Lego atlantis crab attack?

chicken health force I do not know the fourth one

Lego atlantis manta bash cheat codes?


Lego atlantis cheat codes?

put in hobo and the shark will be a hobo(will not work!!) cheat codes will let you beat the shark, you will find the cheat codes with a simple question.

Lego atlantis tentacle tickle cheat codes?

ink, slow, beans, easy

Lego atlantis jaws of the sharks cheat codes?

-fast, dark, sharkproof, beans

What are all the cheat codes for the Lego atlantis tentacle tickle?


What are the cheat codes for manta bash in Lego Atlantis?

If you want it just go to ok

What are the cheat codes for the Shark Chase game for Lego Atlantis?

sharkmouth? - dark, fast, sharkproof and beans