Lego cave convoy cheat codes

Updated: 4/28/2022
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they are 6060 and 0000

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Q: Lego cave convoy cheat codes
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What are some Lego power miners cave convoy cheat codes?

the cheat codes are 0000 6060

What are the codes in cave convoy?

0000 6060 1867

How do you enter a cheat code for Lego batman the video game on the ds?

It's Pretty Simple, it's not possible and never will be until someone puts a cheat menu onto the game so you can enter cheat codes. Also, on the main menu it does not let you do cheat codes so don't try that because it does not work. There is no point in inventing cheats for the game because it is completely impossible.

Are there any cheat codes in heart gold to help get out of the ice cave?

3 subs

Do you have to see mew to get in the cerulean cave?

No you need to become champion by getting cheat codes foR youR game.

What are codes for the Lego games web games?

Well one might be cave but only for dino outbreak also it might not.

Lego power miners Cave Convoy cheats?

okay, ther's 6060 to unlock bike solo with johnny, or there's 0000 for night vision with Brains, Duke, Bruiser and rex. Lego has also updated the game, so if you get up to level 8, you unlock the boulder blaster(which destroys rocks) and titaniam command rig(which can capture rock monsters) and rock wrecker(which destroys only big rocks.) and if you use cheat code 3434, you get to unlock a boss stage with the mine mech versus crystal king.

Where are the bell shrines in Lego universe?

in the special ariers of the cave

How do you get a gem dragon in the breeding cave?


What is Lego power miners set number 9?

the cave cutter

What are the codes for dino outbreak?


Cheat code for cerulean cave in emerald?