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A Heart Scale is a scale that is shaped like a heart and in most games with the exception of FireRed, LeafGreen and XD are the items that are used as payment in exchange for the Move Reminder's services of helping one of your Pokemon to remember either a forgotten or missed move.

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Q: What are heart scales in Pokemon diamond?
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Heart scales in Pokemon Diamond?

If you dig underground and dig in the walls you can get heart scales.

Were to find heart scales on Pokemon diamond?


How do you make copies of heart scales on Pokemon diamond?


Where do you find heart scales on Pokemon Diamond?

To find heart scales on Pokemon diamond/pearl you need the explorer kit to go underground. once you are underground look for cracks inthe wall, and eventully you will find a heart scale in the cracks.

Can you buy heart scales in Pokemon Diamond?

no you cant it is impossible, but you could get999 with action replay.

Where do you get heart scales in soul silver?

Heart scales are obtainable at the pokeathlon prize exchange booth. The pokeathlon is north of goldenrod city, in the Johto region. Hope I helped!

Where is the move teacher in the Pokemon game pearl or diamond?

The move tutor is in the South-east of Pastoria City near water. You will need heart scales for the guy to be able to teach it to you. You can find heart scales in the underground.

Where do you use a heart scale on Pokemon diamond?

You can use heart scales at the Move Re-learner in Pastoria City. He reteaches your Pokémon a move for every heart scale used.

How do you get 493 heart scales AR code in diamond?

this is the code for 493 heart scales 56774390 76938561

Where is the guy who collects heart scales in Pokemon diamond?

pastoria city theres a fat guy stood right outside his house

What is the Pokemon diamond move modifier code that doesn't use heart scales or master balls?

Canalave City and Pastoria City

Where can you get heart scales in Pokemon sapphire?

Heart Scales can sometimes be found on Luvdisc when they are caught.