What are best moves for kingdra?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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This is my idea of a good moveset for Kingdra it is Surf, Dragon Dance/Agility, Draco Meteor, and Hydro Pump. I would suggest teaching it agility instead of dragon dance because it doesnt know any physical moves with this and dragon dance boosts speed and attack.

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Q: What are best moves for kingdra?
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What is kingdra weak against?

Kingdra is weak against dragon type moves.

What moves dose kingdra learn in Pokemon flora sky?

Kingdra learns only Dragon dance

What moves are super effective against kingdra in Pokemon emerald?

See, electric type moves are effective against water Pokemon. Thunder or Thunderbolt are powerful attacks very effective against water Pokemon such as kingdra. ACTUALLY, since Kingdra is a dragon type too, electric type moves are just normally effective. Dragon type is super effective against Kingdra. But then Kingdra would be supereffective against you too!

Which is better kingdra or typhlosion?

Normally kingdra would be the best in this situation.

What moves are strong against the Pokemon Kingdra?

Dragon Type's And Ice Moves Like Dragonite Garchomp etc.

How do you defeat the last gym trainer in Pokemon HeartGold?

Use electric moves on garaydos, ice on her dragonairs and dragon type moves on kingdra

What is the most powerfull water type pokemon?

Depends how you train it and what moves you give it. For example, in my game it is my Kingdra

What is the best Pokemon to face Kingdra?

an ice type

In Pokemon Soul Silver what is Clair's Pokemon Kingdra's weakness?

It's only proper weakness is dragon type moves

Is Kingler a good Pokemon?

in my opinnion i think kingler is a bad Pokemon it has many weak moves and almost has no powerful moves,if it was between kingler or kingdra i would prefer seadra because seadra has better moves

When does Kingdra evolve in Firered?

Kingdra does not evolve.

Is Kingdra a Water Ice or Grass type Pokemon?

Water/Dragon. Kingdra is a duel-type Pokemon, meaning it has more than one type. While Kingdra is predominately a Water-type Pokemon, it is also the Dragon-type. This combination is rare and quite useful in battle as one type covers the others' weakness (except for Dragon-type moves).