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Use a variety of Pokemon. Separate Pokemon for fire, water and electricity are fairly essential. If you're not planning on getting any kind of ice Pokemon, make sure your water Pokemon knows an Ice attack, because it becomes crucial in taking down Lance's Dragonites. I tend not to use grass Pokemon, if you make your party right then you shouldn't need one. Personal preference on which Pokemon you want to use. Legendaries are powerful but i feel they kill the game so i don't use them

My party (to take on Elite Four) Starmie/Feraligatr, Ampharos, Togekiss, Arcanine/Typhlosion, Mamoswine. I'd really recommend Typhlosion over Feraligatr, allowing Starmie to have psychic attacks as a precaution, then your last Pokemon can be a dark type. Hope this helps :)

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Q: What Pokemon should you use to defeat the elite 4 and lance the 1st time in heart gold and soul silver?
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How can you defeat the first elite on Pokemon silver?

your Pokemon need to be lv 40 to beat him

How do you wim the Pokemon league in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can defeat the Pokemon League by defeating the Elite Four and the Champion in Pokemon Soul Silver.

Where does red go after you defeat him in Pokemon soul silver?

I don't know where he goes, but you have to defeat the Elite 4 (or shall I say5), again for him to reappear at the peak of Mt. Silver.

What Pokemon should you use to defeat the elite four in Pokemon diamond?

FireGrassWaterGhost or DarkElectricRock or Grond

Where is the elite four for Kanto in soul silver?

there is no elite four for kanto u just defeat the elite four that is in kanto for the johto region. and my advice for it is have the Pokemon the elite four Pokemon and the champion Pokemon are weak to like for champion it would be ice.

How do you get the ticket from the professor to defeat the elite 4 in Pokemon soul silver?

You do not need a ticket from Professor Oak or Professor Elm to battle the Elite Four.

How do you defeat Pokemon diamond?

defeat the elite four

Can you re battle Red in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

you have to defeat the elite 4 again, then go 2 Mt. Silver where u first saw Red. he should be there.

Pokemon ruby is swampert the best to defeat the elite four?

yes swarpert is a greatest Pokemon to defeat elite four

How do you pass Pokemon Soul Silver?

Earn the 8 badges of Johto. Defeat the Elite 4 and champion Defeat the 8 gym leaders of Kanto Defeat Red. and your done.

What Pokemon levels should you have to defeat the elite four in blue?

Lvl 50-80

Can you catch a prime ape in Pokemon SoulSilver?

i am pretty sure you can in the kanto region in soul silver after you defeat the elite 4