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You go and have a tug

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Q: What happens in Pokemon crystal after you defeat the elite four?
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How do you defeat Pokemon Crystal?

To complete the storyline you have to beat the Elite 4 To really beat the game you have to defeat Red on Mt.Silver To become a Pokemon master though, you have to catch all 251 Pokemon available in Crystal version

What happens if azelf is not in the cavern when you defeat the elite four in Pokemon pearl?

he is always there but, if you defeat azelf he will dissapear and never be in the cavern

How do you defeat Pokemon diamond?

defeat the elite four

Pokemon ruby is swampert the best to defeat the elite four?

yes swarpert is a greatest Pokemon to defeat elite four

What happens when you defeat the elite four and the elite four champion?

its you become powerful then if you become powerful you will defeat the elite four

How do you get to Kanto region on pokemon crystal?

You'll need to defeat the Elite Four and Professor Oak would give you an S.S Ticket to go through.

What to do after you defeat the elite four on Pokemon Sapphire version for Game Boy?

After you defeat the elite four on Pokemon sapphire you complete the pokedex and make all your Pokemon level 100.

Where is the elite 4 in Pokemon gold silver and crystal?

the elite 4 is in kanto

How do you beat the Elite Four on Pokemon Crystal?

You battle

What happens when you beat the elite four twice in white?

If you defeat the Elite Four Twice, you will have the opportunity to battle the Champion, Alder. He has mostly Level 72 to Level 75 Pokemon.

Where is Lugia in Pokemon sapphire?

defeat the elite 4

What happens when you win the elite four in Pokemon Black?

The Elite Four in Pokemon Black/White is quite simple to beat (in comparison to the other games), but what you have to do next is defeat N, the the leader of the Seven Sages, whatever his name was.