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just like gold or silver

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Q: What Pokemon does the elite four have in crystal?
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How do you beat the Elite Four on Pokemon Crystal?

You battle

What is the elite four in silver like?

It's the same as Pokemon gold and crystal. Elite four Pokemon are between levels 40-50.

What do you do when you get all the badges in Pokemon Crystal?

You go challenge the Elite Four.

What happens in Pokemon crystal after you defeat the elite four?

You go and have a tug

Why does Pokemon liquid crystal freeze after beating elite four?

Typically, Pokemon Liquid Crystal should not freeze after beating the Elite Four. You may need to restart your system before you fight them next time.

What are you suppose to do after winning the 8 badges in Pokemon crystal?

Fight The Elite Four!

What is the best Pokemon to have in your party for the elite four in Pokemon silver?

Crystal is suicune but im not sure of the rest. Emerald it's rayquazza. he can beat the entire elite four by himself.

What we have to do after finishing the man in mt silver in Pokemon crystal?

go battle the elite four and the champion in kanto

What are the best 6 Pokemon to have in Pokemon Crystal?

in Pokemon crystal the best Pokemon to have are feraligator(evolved form of totodile), weepinbell, kadabra, ledian (i would advise you to this Pokemon ice punch and headbutt), and pidgeot. these are the Pokemon i beat the elite four with

Where do you ponyta in Pokemon Crystal?

at the grass in front of crystal cave. you can get to it, by beating the elite four and get all gym badges in johto and kanto hope that helped

Where can you get a metal coat in Pokemon Crystal?

SS Aqua after you have beaten the elite four in the captains room the gentleman gives you it

Who are the Elite Four in the Pokemon Sapphire game?

Elite Four Sidney/Sydney: Uses Dark Pokemon Elite Four Phoebe: Uses Ghost Pokemon Elite Four Glacia: Uses Ice Pokemon Elite Four Drake: Uses Dragon Pokemon Champion Steven: Uses mostly Steel & Rock Pokemon.