What Pokemon know one hit Ko moves?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What Pokemon know one hit Ko moves?
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How do you beat Cyrus in Celestic town in Pokemon Platinum?

use one hit KO moves and full restors.

What are all the one hit k o moves?

Sheer Cold, Horn Drill, Guillotine and Fissure are the 1-hit instant Knock Out moves. but if a Pokemon is holding a focus sash it will survive them with 1hp remaining,

What are the one-hit KO moves in Pokemon Emerald?

Sheer Cold,Fissure,Horn Drill and i think Guillotine is in Pokemon Emerald or Fire Red and Leaf Green.IN Pokemon Black and White i think Complete Burn sounds like a one hit KO move.

What moves does mew know when one receives it in Pokemon Ranch?

The Mew that you can get in My Pokémon Ranch will have the moves of Synthesis, Return, Hypnosis and Teleport.

When does smergale start learning moves in Pokemon emerald?

smeargle can only know one move and you can't teach it with a TM

What does sing do in Pokemon Vortex?

Nothing. For all I know, there are no status conditions except the one inflicted by Mystic pokemon. Evolve it to get different moves or buy TMs to use on it.

Can Pokemon on battle revolution get new moves?

The rental Pokemon cannot, but if you have transferred Pokemon from one of your DS games, then you can change the moves and then connect to PBR again.

What are all the one hit KO moves in pokemon?

Horn drill,Sheer cold,Fissure,Guillotine. These move make foe Pokemon faint regardless of its current stats but has an accuracy of 30%:)

How do you beat the snow place in Pokemon diamond?

get Pokemon that have fire,fighting,rock,or steel moves but don't use these type Pokemon ground,flying,dragon,or grass! BUT IF YOU CHOOSE A TURTWIG DON'T EVOLVE IT TO TORTERRA OR ELSE YOU WILL FAINT WITH ONE HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is thunder a special attack in FireRed?

Yes it requires Special Attack to help it's power. It's one of the few moves that can hit a Pokemon using Fly.

Which is better Oddish or Seedot In Pokemon Emerald?

it depends on what moves you them. vileplume can beat shiftry in one hit of sludge bomb and shiftry can beat vilaplume with explosion (from seedot).

How can you breed moves onto a Pokemon?

More specifically, I want to know how to pass 2 moves down to a baby pokemon. Example: I have a female pidgey that knows steel wing and a male one that knows aerial ace. I want them both to be in the baby's moveset? How do I do this?