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She tells you about a wide variety of Pokemon, Pokemon which can only be caught in swarms which occur daily. Talk to her and she will tell you where the swarm is and which Pokemon are in it.

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Q: What Pokemon does dawn's sister tell you about in Pokemon Platinum?
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Where to get beldum in Pokemon platinum?

if you talk to dawns sister she will tell you were you can find a Pokemon she will say there is a beldum on some route you can only talk to her once a day

Where do you find larvitar Pokemon platinum?

its a swarm, you have to check dawns house everyday. talk to her sister and she will tell you where the daily swarm is.

What is the next swarm of Pokemon dawns little sister tell you about after beldum?


How do you catch spoink in Pokemon diamond?

dawns sister will tell you after nationall pokedex on a ceirten day

How do you get dawns sister to tell you another Pokemon swarm?

after you get the national dex and beat the elite four

How do you get a magmite Pokemon Diamond?

It is a swarm Pokemon and you need the national dex.Talk to lucas' or dawns sister and she will tell you where to find a certain swarming Pokemon

Where do you find Jillilypuff on Pokemon Pearl?

you can talk to dawns sister and she will tell you the thing called swarm where you can get different Pokemon every day

How do you get a cyndaquil in platinum?

what you do is complete your sinnoh pokedex get the national dex then talk to dawns little sister and eventualy she will tell you where a cyndaquil is. hope i helped

In Pokemon pearl which pokemons does Dawns sister tell us about?

Every day Dawn's sister tells you about a group of Pokemon that appeared on a route and will only be there for the day. She tells you about a different Pokemon every day!

Where do you catch slakoth in platinum?

eternea forest it appears in a mass outbreak just talk to dawns sister in sandgem town after completing the game she willl tell you about it its down to chance tho as there are other Pokemon that appear in mass outbreaks

How do you get a granbull in Pokemon diamond?

first talk to dawns sister then she will tell u where u can catch a snubbull then evolveit at lvl 24

When does dawns sister tell where you can find a electrike?

u need a national dex u receive one when u spot 150 Pokemon