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It has to match up exactly with the number on the card (changes daily)

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Q: What Pokemon can win the Pokemon Platinum lottery?
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Were can you get more master balls on Pokemon platinum?

at the Pokemon lottery in jubilife city if your lottery number corresponds to the id of your Pokemon

How do you win the lottery in Pokemon LeafGreen?

the lottery is not in leafgreen.

What Pokemon in Pokemon platinum has the lottery number 34445?

Lottery numbers are based on Pokemon ID numbers check your Pokemon's ID number it should have 5 random numbers that were given to its trainer. If the ID number of any Pokemon matches the lottery number you can win the jackpot only if each number matches in the exact order.

What is the first prize in lottery in Pokemon platinum?

you idiota !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there a ball that's better than an ultraball in Pokemon platinum?

No, except for the Master Ball. You can only get one Master Ball in the Pokemon games, unless you win the in-game lottery.

Pokemon platinum where is the lottery?

jubalife city's TV station.

How do you win the lottery in Pokemon FireRed?

You cant

Where is the lottery in Pokemon platinum?

Simple its in Jubilife City where its allways been

How do you win the lottery in Pokemon Diamond?

You Win the lottery by luck and skills. But it's mostly luck that you need. To improve your chances, you can trade Pokemon with different ID's.

Master ball Pokemon Platinum?

beat Cyrus for the second to last time or get perfect on the lottery

How do you get master balls in platinum?

go to the lottery in jubilfe you mite win won

How do you win the Pokemon platinum lotter contest?

Your best bet is to capture more Pokemon cause that increases the chances of winning a lottery contest for jubilife city. P.S You can get a xp share and a MASTER BALL!!!