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You Win the lottery by luck and skills. But it's mostly luck that you need. To improve your chances, you can trade Pokemon with different ID's.

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Q: How do you win the lottery in Pokemon Diamond?
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In diamond how can you get a bunch of of masterballs?

win the Pokemon lottery

Is there a cheat code to win the lottery in Pokemon diamond?


More masterballs in Pokemon Diamond?

Win the lottery at Jubilife city.

Are there two masterballs in Pokemon diamond?

Yes you can if you win the lottery at the jubilife city.

Master ball Pokemon diamond?

i suggest action replay or win the lottery

What is a lottery in Pokemon Diamond?

The lottery is the place where you can win rare stuff at like a masterball the number has to match the ID number of a Pokemon ou own.

Can you win lots of masterballs in the lottery in Pokemon diamond?

You can get a masterball if the whole number fully matches the Pokemon id number (i got heaps of them)

How do you win the lottery in Pokemon LeafGreen?

the lottery is not in leafgreen.

Where can you find every pokeball in diamond and pearl?

In the Pokemon league, except masterball. You win those at the jublife city lottery.

How do you win a lottery ticket on Pokemon diamond?

Transfer for ruby etc. or trade with others to increase your chances. Pokemon with different ids must be in your party or it won't matter

How do you win the lottery in Pokemon FireRed?

You cant

What do you get when you win the lottery in Pokemon Emerald?

I think a masterball