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all exsept waterfall

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Q: What HMS do you need to get to the top of mt corenet on platinum?
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How do you get to the top of mount corenet in Pokemon platinum?

Well, if you have finished the game, you can get there by going left from hearthome city.

Where is Palkia and Dialga in Pokemon platinum?

in the very top of mount cornet, after obtaining the adamant orb and lustourous orb in mt corenet. u need waterfall to get them, so yeh

Where is the blue rift in platinum?

you can get directly from the online website.maybe the following link can help you

Where and how do you get team galactics?

They are at Velstone City again. Then you go to Mount Corenet from route 207 then go to Spear Pollar which is at the top of Mount Corenet then you beat team galactic.

When do you use the azure flute cheat code?

on top of mt corenet

How do you get to the top of mt corenet in Pokemon pearl?

You go in the distortion world and find giratina

Where can you find a good psychic-type Pokemon on diamond?

bronzor bronzong mount corenet near top to spear pillar

Do you need HM07 to reach the top of mount coronet in Pokemon platinum?


Where do you get Palkia?

At the top of mount cornet. you need the HMS rock climb, surf, if you want to you should bring rock smash for extras.

You beat the Snowpoint Gym in pearl and it not letting you go to sunnyshore city is it a black out or something?

it is a black out but first you need to beat the galactic boss in vilestone then you realease the lengendaries next you go to mount corenet after you go to the top of mount corenet, catch dialga/palkia or kill them, then when you catch dialga or palkia or kill them the fat guy is not blocking the way to sunnyshore p.s. hope it helps

Where are all the HMS of Pokemon HeartGold?

In the top of the battle tower

Where are the sinjoh ruins in pokemon soulsilver?

First you need an Arceus from the top of Mt Corenet, and it HAS to be from there. Then you go to the ruins where you can catch unown. Then you go into the research building where the owner will bump into you then say something about Arceus in your party. Then he takes you to the ruins, where your transported to the Sinjoh Ruins.