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You go in the distortion world and find giratina

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Q: How do you get to the top of mt corenet in Pokemon pearl?
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Were is Palkia in Pokemon pearl?

go to mt corenet then go to spear pillar

Where is spear tower in Pokemon pearl?

You mean Spear Pillar in the center of Mt. corenet er of Mt.Corenet??

How do you get past the man that won't let you go to sunnyshorecity on Pokemon pearl?

you first have to catch palkia in mt corenet

Where is the Pokemon store at mt corenet?

in mt cornet there are not any

Where do you catch feebas in Pokemon platinum?

mt corenet

Where is Cirus in Pokemon Pearl?

the first time at mt corenet and the second time at the HQ in veilstone city and last is at spear pillar you find where he is enjoy!

How do you obtain a Magnazone in Pokemon Diamond?

Train a Magneton at Mt. Corenet

Where do you find a Probopass in Pokemon Platinum?

Find Nosepass in Mt. Corenet then leave him up in Mt. Cornet.

Pokemon diamond how to get to sunshore city?

After you do the mission in Mt. Corenet, it should be open.

Where is spear peakon mt cornet on Pokemon pearl?

its on the top of mt cornet.

How do you get to the last gym leader in Pokemon dimon?

go through mt corenet by hearthhome city and go to spear pillar -platinum-giritina -diamond-dialga -pearl-palkia

Where is spear pillar in Pokemon pearl?

on top of mt cornet