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You need a friend and go to the union room on the top of the Pokemon centers

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Q: Can you trade a Pokemon from platinum to diamond without Nintendo wi-fi?
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How do you get arcius on Pokemon diamond without using a action replay?

platinum get arceus this year from a Nintendo event, get someone to trade you one from a platinum game

Can anyone list all the lengendary Pokemon you can get in Pokemon Diamond without going to a Nintendo event?

mesprit,uxie,azelf,dialga,rotom only in Pokemon diamond you get cresselia and darkrai from a Nintendo event dratini,dragonair,dragonite is not a legendary giratina you can only get it in platinum

Where can you get manephy without Pokemon Ranger on Pokemon platinum?

The only way to get manaphy without Pokemon ranger is to get it from a Nintendo event.

How do you get shamen on Pokemon diamond without a special event?

trade with Pokemon Platinum

How do you get diamond on Pokemon platinum without beating the game?

You mean Dialga?

Is there any way to get new Pokemon without the Nintendo ds in battle revolution?

I'm sorry, but no. Pokemon Battle Revolution does not offer a catch-and-train system. To get new pokemon, you must have a Nintendo DS(any) and a copy of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. please edit this if I am wrong. Thanks

How do you get arceus in Pokemon diamond without an action replay?

definitely a Nintendo event

Can you get deoxys on Pokemon diamond pearl or platinum without an event or an AR?

not sure

How can you transfer Pokemon from diamond to platinum without using two Nintendo ds's?

using 2 ds's is the only way of doing it. I've tried to do it before with my ds and it didnt work.

How do you get Palkia in Pokemon diamond WITHOUT an action replay?

You cant but get Pokemon platinum you can get both dialga and palkia

How can you get the platinum orb in Pokemon diamond without transfer it from Pokemon platinum?

There's no way you can. It disppears when you trade the Giratina holding it. there is no platinum,pearl,or diamond orb its called the GRISEOUS orb,adamant orb and lustrous orb

Is there a way to trade in Pokemon platinum without wifi?

yes if u have a Pokemon pearl or diamond trade the Pokemon from the palpark then get another ds put pearl or diamond in then the platinum in the other ds and trade at the Pokemon center at the top