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Q: Can you get deoxys on Pokemon diamond pearl or platinum without an event or an AR?
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How do you get a deoxys on diamond?

You would need to use an Action Replay or transfer it from Pokemon Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen, for it is impossible to catch Deoxys in any location in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

Where can you find a Deoxys on Pokemon platinum without migrating?

you cant

Where is the spaceship area in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

there is no spaceship area but if you are wanting to change the form of your Deoxys it is at veilstone city . Just have your Deoxys in your party and click a on them. I hoped this helps if you have or will ever have a Deoxys in Pokemon diamond pearl OR platinum :D

How do you dexos in Pokemon Platinum?

It is completely impossible to get Deoxys in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold or Soulsilver. Deoxys has not yet been distributed in any event and there is no hack into getting it. Furthermore, there is no way of getting a Deoxys in these games listed above.

How do you get deoxis in Pokemon Diamond or platinum?

Get a Deoxys in Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Firered, or Leafgreen using the Mystery Gift, and migrate it to your Diamond Version.

How do you get Deoxys on Pokemon platinum without pal park?

You can use the GTS :P

Where do you get Deoxys in Pokemon Platinum?

If You Want A Deoxys In Pokemon Platinum ,Migrate,Trade,Or Use The Action Replay Pokemon Modifier.

How do you get dioxai after wakeing the little boy on Pokemon platinum?

if you mean deoxys then you cant get him without a Pokemon event

Where do you get Deoxys on Pokemon Platinum?

There is no deoxys in Pokemon platinum... u could only migrate to pal park from 3rd generation. :)

What is the best team to have in Pokemon diamond pearl or platinum?

I use Ho-oh arceus darkrai jirachi groudon and deoxys

Can you catch Deoxys on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

No, you can't catch Deoxys on Pokemon Diamond & Pearl unless you have cheats. You can transfer it from your GBA to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl though

Does any trainers in Pokemon Platinum own a Deoxys?

no nobody in Pokemon platinum have a doexys.