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You're probably looking for "heroine," but the first two letters are male and the first three are female.





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Q: What English word in which the first 2 letters signify a female 3 signify male first 4 signify a good one put together means a great girl what word is this?
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There is a word in the English language which the first two letters signify a male and the first three letters signify a female and the first four signify a great man and the whole world a great woman?


What English word in which the first 2 letters signify a male 3 signify female first 4 signify a great man put together means woman what word is this?

== == == == == == well, the answer is heroine. 1st 2 - he; signifies male. 1st 3 - her; signifies female. 1st 4 - hero; signifies a great man whole word - woman hero.Heroine He - Male Her - Female Hero - Great Man Heroine - Great Woman

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