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Q: Can two female Sims have a baby together?
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Can two male sims have a baby together in sims 3?

No, but they can get married and adopt.

How do you know if your sim is prgnant on Sims 3?

when two sims woohoo and you hear a chime then you know your sim is pregnant. also, if the two sims can "woohoo" but not "try for baby" then the female sim is already pregnant.

How do you get two hamsters to have a baby?

you put a male and female together and you wait.

How do you have a baby on The Sims 3?

you need to have two sims who are in love. then keep using romantic interactions until your sims are "Extremly irrisistable" then the "try for baby" option will show up. click that and if it works you'll hear a chime. the next day your sim will have a baby bump that will get bigger over the next two days. on the third day she will have a baby. A quicker way to go about this is to make one of the sims traits as family oriented.

Can two sims of the same gender have a baby together in The sims 2 for ps2?

no wow i am sad this game coast about 20 bucks i might sell it + i like the sims better then sims 2!

How do you have two sims to have a baby on The Sims Bustin Out?

Have them relax on the bed and click on try for baby.

In the sims 3 ambitions how do you have a second baby?

The Sims 3 PC; Get the two sims to try for a baby. That's basically all.

How do you make a baby on the sims 3 and when?

the two sims have to have a high amount of freindship. then when they are both on the bed you can get them to 'Try for Baby'

How can you get your teenager pregnant in the SIMS 3?

You can attempt to make a female sim pregnant by having two sims (one male and one female) relaxing on the bed and then selecting "Try for Baby." If successful, you should hear a tone after they are done making woohoo.

How do you get a baby on the sims 2?

on the sims 2 for the PC, you start with two sims who are in love, have then both relax on a bed together or have them cuddle in a hot tub. select "try for baby" and if it works there will be a chime and the "try for baby" option will no longer be there. wait a day and the sims stomach will "pop" slightly. she (or he) will stay like that for a day, then the next day the sims baby bump will get even bigger. and on the third day you have a new sim in the family! now if you have the PS2 version you can't have a baby, there are no children

Can you have a baby on The Sims two?

On the sims 2 you cant. BUT you can on the sims 2 double deluxe and expantion packs.

Can my sims have a baby in PS2?

in the sims 1 for the PS2 you can have a baby, have two sims make out few times or have them both relax in a bed and select "play in bed" if you have the sims 2 for the PS2 then you can't have kids.