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There are no common "large" citrus fruits that have 4-letter names. Three that do exist in a smaller size are the lime, the yuzu, and the ugli (uglifruit), a Jamaican tangelo that is thought to also have a lemon ancestry. It gets its name from its "ugly" mottled appearance.

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Q: What 4 letter word for large citrus fruit?
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Any citrus fruit can be considered to be an orange fruit. Other fruits considered in the orange fruit category are papaya, carrots, pumpkin, squash and sweet potatoes.

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== An orange is a citrus fruit. Or an orange is a part of the citrus fruit family. == The word citrus is used to refer to a certain group of shrubs and trees, and particularly their fruit, which includes the orange, the grapefruit, the tangerine and others. Here's your sentence: The man and woman were citrus growers, and they knew well the danger posed to tree blossoms by the coming frost.

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