Were is the GTS in Pokemon White?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The GTS is in every Pokemon center up the stairs. I believe the one closest to the big spinning globe besides the one in the elite four.

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Q: Were is the GTS in Pokemon White?
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Were is the gts in Pokemon white 2?

Gts is in the top right hand of the pokemon center

Is there a GTS in Pokemon Black and White?

Yes, there is a GTS in Pokemon Black and White. It is up in the Pokemon Center and you can access it once you get the first badge as always.

How do you catch regigigis Pokemon White?

You cant you have to get it from the GTS

What does GTS mean in Pokemon White?

Global Trade Station

Why wont Pokemon appear on the gts in black and white?

Because you don't have the pokemon in the pokedex

How do you get zoarok in Pokemon White?

I went on GTS and got a zorua and evolved it

Where is the GTS for Pokemon White version?

its is in most Pokemon centers. up the stairs next to the globe

Do you have to stay on the GTS to get a response from your offer on Pokemon White?

No, you just have to put your Pokemon on offer and leave the gts if u want. then come back and see if someone traded with you.

Where is the gts on Pokemon Black and White?

Go to the top floor of the Pokemon Center and talk to the farthest person on the right. The second option is the GTS. Click on it, save the game, and connect.

What pokemon can you get in the GTS?

Any Pokemon that isn't an event Pokemon can be traded on the GTS.

Where to find the Global Trade Station in Pokemon White 2?

The GTS operates upstairs (right) in the pokemon center

How do you go to trade munchlax in Pokemon white?

Go to the GTS and if you have Munchlax in your Pokedex, send in a Pokemon and ask for a Munchlax.