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It is inside the migrator, i.e. Rockhopper's ship.

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Q: Were is captains quarters on club penguin?
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Are there any secret passages in Club Penguin?

No but there are secret rooms such as the HQ, ninja hideout, and captains quarters.

Where are the Captains Quarters in club penguin?

In Rockhopper's ship. There is a key you have to find before you are able to go inside it though.

What is the room that you need the key for in club penguin?

There are 2 different keys 1 of them is for Rockhoppers secret room (Captains quarters) The other one of them is for underwater room (Found in secret task for Black puffle rescue) (Look on Club Penguin cheats for more info)

How do you get inside the cabinet in the head quarters in club penguin?

Ummm you have to become an agent in Club Penguin.

Were is captains quarter in Club Penguin?

below deck on rockhoppers ship

Where is rockhoppers quarters on the migrator on club penguin?

its in the ship hold

What does HQ stand for in club penguin?

It stands for Head Quarters.

Where is the captains quarters on Club Penguin?

Ummm... you will have to wait until Rock Hopper comes, and then you can go wherever the heck you want to go. Keep your eyes peeled until he comes look in the newspaper every Thursday.

Where is rockhopper quarters on Club Penguin?

It is in Rockhopper's boat, The Migrator, which isn't always in Club Penguin because he is out sailing the open sea, but when it is parked ain Club Penguin it is parked in the beach.

How do you give coins for change on club penguin?

Go to the town, plaza, beach, ski village or captains quarters (in rockhopper's ship) and click on the stand that says coins for change and pick which problem you would like to donate for.

What is the name of captain rockhoppers ship on club penguin?

the name of the captains ship is the voyager.

Where is the game treasure hunt in club penguin?

When Rockhopper, a red, pirate penguin, comes to visit club penguin, his ship is right next to the lighthouse. In that ship, there is a room called Captains Quarters, but, you'll need a key to that room. To find the key, go to town, go to the coffee shop, go upstairs (Book Room), and on the bottom right, there is a book icon, click it. Now, it shows books. The key is in the book "The Journal of Captain Rockhopper" click that book, open it to the last page, the key should be there. In the ship next to the lighthouse go to Captains Quarters, and there should be sandboxes. Make sure you have enough room to play and someone to play with!