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No but there are secret rooms such as the HQ, ninja hideout, and captains quarters.

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Q: Are there any secret passages in Club Penguin?
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Are there any Secret passages in the lighthouse in Club Penguin?

there is no SECRET PASS!

Are there any SECRET items on club penguin?

Yes there is secret furniture and clothes.

How do you know if your house has a secret room?

I realize it says in Club Penguin. Unlike the other idiot who answered but no. No houses in Club Penguin have any secret rooms......

Is there any secret rooms on club penguin?

If You have the club penguin game for Ds then you can go in the closet in the HQ and that's one of them. That's the only one i know about...

Are there any more websites like club penguin and dizzywood that you do not have to have a secret code to enter?

Spine world Secret Builders Super Secret neopets

Is there guns on Club Penguin?

No, there are not any guns on club penguin.

On club penguin are there any secret rooms?

yes there is. the pool,boiler room,ice burg,ninja hideout,secret agent hq,and the box demension

How do you get into the Club Penguin outback?

if you mean the wilderness first become a secret agent go to HQ do any of these missions to get there gs secret mission questions for a crab

What is a secret code to unlock those secret items on Club Penguin?

you have to go in the gift shop go in the clothing catalog and start clicking on stuff and then you will see alot of secret clothes

Where do you get a blue book in Club Penguin?

You get the code from any club penguin book.

Where do you do jigsaws on Club Penguin at the fair?

there is not any jigsaws at the fair on club penguin

Are there any unwanted Club Penguin members?

Yes, any Club Penguin member who does not follow the rules would be unwanted and probably banned from the Club Penguin site.