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This answer is unknown in Club Penguin history. You cannot play any games with a white puffle on Club Penguin

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Q: What games can you play with a white puffle on club penguin?
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Is the white puffle the rarest in Club Penguin?

No, the white puffle is not the rarest puffle on Club Penguin.

Where is the white puffle on Club Penguin?

There is currently no white puffle on Club Penguin, and it will be publically announced to the Club Penguin players so they will be able to adopt them.

What is the rarest club penguin puffle card?

The rares puffle is White puffle

Is there really a white puffle in Club Penguin?

There was not white puffles in club penguin but now there is

Where is the white puffle in Club Penguin?

the white pufful is at the dojo

How To Unlock The white Puffle On Club Penguin?


How do you get a 2013 white puffle from club penguin and not be a member?

To get a white puffle on club penguin without being a member, you have to buy a white puffle toy from a store like Walmart or Toys R Us and unlock the code you get with it online. With this you will get a white puffle. There is no other way to do this.

Can the brown puffle play any penguin games on club penguin?

Not yet.

What action does the white puffle do on club penguin?

ice power

On club penguin what game can a white puffle play?


Where is the white puffle pin on club penguin?

in the book room

How do you get a white puffel with out being a member?

Well, I have a white puffle on Club Penguin and I am not a member. What you have to do is go shopping at the market and buy Club Penguin toys (Not Card Jitsu). Those things include Puffle Key rings, Soft Club Penguin toys or Club Penguin figurines. That is how I did it.