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u need the key to get in (in rockhoppers journal at book room). it is under the migrator deck.

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Q: Where is rockhoppers quarters in club penguin?
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Where is rockhoppers quarters on the migrator on club penguin?

its in the ship hold

How do you get rockhoppers hat on Club Penguin?

club penguin how to get rockhoppers hat and beard

On club penguin after you have made the black puffle happy where has the broken key gone?

it is in the captins quarters on rockhoppers desk

Where is rockhoppers ship on club penguin 2010?

rockhoppers ships in the telescope at the beacon on club penguin and on March 5th he will be at the beach

On club penguin what is wrong with rockhoppers ship?

rockhoppers ship once sank

What is rockhoppers passward on club penguin?

Rockhoppers password is migrator but be careful you might get BANNED!!!

What is rockhoppers boat called on club penguin?

the migrator

How do find rockhoppers island Club Penguin?


What is rockhoppers puffle name on club penguin?


What level is rockhoppers island on clubpenguin?

You cannot yet go to Rockhoppers Island on Club Penguin.

Where is rockhoppers puffle on Club Penguin?

Rockhopper's puffle is a red puffle on club penguin and is named Yarr

What is captins rockhoppers ship name club penguin?

the migrator