Were's rookie on Club Penguin

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Rookie only comes around on April fools or a sky event.

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Q: Were's rookie on Club Penguin
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Weres the candal on Club Penguin?

the candal in club penguin is at the ski village in the ski lodge :)

What color is Rookie on Club Penguin?

The color of Rookie on club penguin is dark green.

What is rookie in Club Penguin?

Rookie is a mascot in club penguin which helps in mission, this answer is sent by cp master131.

What is rookie's password for Club Penguin?

You can not get his password unless you work for club penguin. This is because he is a famous penguin/moderator.

Who voices rookie on Club Penguin?


What is a Rookie on Club Penguin and where is it?

Rookie is a character in Club Penguin found on secret missions. To solve secret missions you have to be a secret agent in which that requires you to ignore people then check your mail when it comes up In club penguin rookie appears in missions 3, 7 and 10.

How does rookie on club penguin look like?

Rookie is a green penguin who wears a red and white pinwheel hat and sunglasses.

Where do you get the picture of the gear in club penguin?

Rookie has it in the town.

Where is rookie right now on club penguin?

by the ocean

Does Rookie have a Brother on club Penguin?

He Dosen't have a bro

Is rookie on right now for club penguin?

probably not

Who is rookie in club penguin?

Rookie is the Public Relations Officer for EPF. He is a novice agent