Was sergeant Reznov a real person?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes He was and is a video game charcter He fought in stalingrad and then later retired.

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Q: Was sergeant Reznov a real person?
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Was Viktor Reznov real person in Birlin?

yes so was alex mason they changed there names to cover up there identiy and black ops is real and there was a opertiaon 40 when the bay of pigs was happening Hudson was preddient kenndy bodygard when he got assiancenated reznov was murdered in the war

Is reznov real?

Victor Reznov is not real. in the videogame, he was a man who died at Vorkura. after escaping prison, he was dead. he was captured by the enemy after sacrificing himself for you. all through the game, you see him. he is a hallucination after the prison escape.

Is resnov from black os real?

He is real in Vorkuta, However, The game was made so that you could decide if Reznov was real or not.

Was Sergeant Shultz a real person?

Yes. His name was John Banner.

Was Sgt Reznov real?

Nope..... there could've been but....... no one-famous...... shame innit....!?!

Was Viktor Reznov from Call of Duty real?

No, but many of the call of duty games made by treyarch are based on real events and real people.

Who is viktor reznov?

He is a character from the games Call of Duty: World at War and Black Ops. Reznov starts off as a Sergeant in World at War. He helps lead soliders to defeat the Germans in World War Two. At the end of World at War, he saves Dimitri Petrenkos life. In Black Ops, he is promoted to the rank of Captain. He starts off by serving under General Dragovichs commands. Dragovich later portrays Reznov and locks him away at Vorkuta. Reznov then helps prisioners escape from Vorkuta, in particular, Alex Mason.

Is reznov still alive?

At the escape from Vorkuta, Reznov is killed, but his memory stays throughout the game.

Is sergeant a noun?

Yes, sergeant is a noun because it is a person (noun=person, place, thing, idea). The word sergeant is a common noun, unless it names a specific person or title, such as Sergeant York or Sergeant at Arms.

Was viktor reznov really red army?

There was probably a Viktor Reznov in the Red Army, but Viktor Reznov of the Call of Duty series is a fictional character. He only exists in a videogame.

Is viktor reznov real?

yes there is,if you read the credits in world at war and call of duty black ops.You'll find his name

Is the reznov in black ops the same in world at war?

Yes it is. He was a sergeant in WW2 and is now a captain in the Vietnam war.Also he was born in 1913 so that means he was 29 when Stalingrad happend and he died when he was 50 so it all makes sence.