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The first person who answered this is either a liar, a misinformed person or somebody who is trying to answer things beyond their knowledge. It's easy as taking the drive from the internal enclosure and plugging it into your computers sata cable connections. If your running windows and this does not work then go into {control panel - administrative tools - computer management}. Run that and go down to a section on the left partition of the window called drive management and it will show you all the drives hooked up to your computer. If there is an unknown drive or a drive without a letter (e.g. C:) then that is the drive and you need to right click on it and go through the simple process to make it recognizable to your computer. (WARNING!!! This is simple to avoid but very imperitive. DO NOT FORMAT OR PARTITION DISC!!!). Having said that once the drive is recognizable then go onto it and search out your songs or look for .wma files if your having trouble there, and if your still not finding the songs then just search for files between 2mb and 4mb and when you start finding a large cache of files in that size range then you've found your songs. !!!COPY!!! them to your hard drive. I only say this because i dont know if moving them will screw up the Xbox 360's hard drive compatibily with the xbox 360 unit. Now that wasn't so hard just answering a question i know the answer to. If this doesn't work for you then add to this answer because i technically havent done this but i am an IT Tech and know how computers work unlike captian "not possible gliven melvin."

This is JonnyBoy85, I just wanted to comment on this. I am not a certified computer tech but I do fix all my electronics. I gotta say I am impressed. This totally works, I never thought of doing this because Microsoft usually builds alot of their products tamper proof. It looked as though the hard drive was built solid into the connector but after I ripped my HD apart I realized its just a removable cable so this totally works thanks for the tip.

I would like to know exactly which kind of cable is used for this procedure?

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Q: Transfer music from xbox 360 to computer?
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Can you transfer songs from Xbox to Xbox 360?

yeah you swap hard drives or transfer music to ur computer and send it 2 the other 1

How do you transfer music from xbox 360 to samsung galaxy s?

you have to put the music on a flash drive then ,using a computer, put it on the phone.

Can you move music for Xbox to Xbox 360?

yes you'll need an xbox 360 an xbox 360 transfer cable and a mac or PC

How do you play music from a sony erricson to a xbox 360?

You can only play music from your computer, a USB memory disk or a Microsoft Zune on the Xbox 360.

Can you download music from an Xbox 360 to a device?

No, you cannot transfer files from your 360 to any other device No, you cannot transfer files from your 360 to any other device

How do you get music onto a Xbox 360?

either put a music CD in the disk drive or use a usb cable from a computer with music on it into the usb port on the xbox

How do you get an xbox 360 hard drive to work in the xbox 360 slim?

You cant, the only thing you can do is transfer the memory to the new xbox 360 slim with a transfer cable.

Can you transfer MW2 fiels from Xbox 360 to Xbox 360?

no you cant sorry

How can I save music to my xbox360 using a Cd?

By burning a CD on a computer and saving it on your xbox 360

Can a Microsoft transfer cable transfer data from xbox to computer?

Yes. Plug the USB part into a USB port on your computer and insert your harddrive onto a TRANSFER CABLE and there you go. I have heard you may need a certain software (Xplorer 360 or Xport 360"?)

Can you transfer games from Xbox 360 to Xbox one?


Which is better iPod or Xbox 360?

Xbox 360. It can play music also.