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Q: How do you transfer pictures from xbox 360 to PC?
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Can you move music for Xbox to Xbox 360?

yes you'll need an xbox 360 an xbox 360 transfer cable and a mac or PC

How do you put a PC mod on Xbox 360?

you need to transfer it from a usb to the xbox

Will an xbox 360 controller work on a PC?

The controller that came with the xbox 360 wont, but if you buy a microsft xbox 360 then that works on PC

Can a PC controller work with an xbox 360?

Only Xbox 360 controllers will work with an Xbox 360.

Is tropico 3 better on PC or xbox 360?

i think its better on the xbox 360 than the PC

Can you play Halo 2 PC on Xbox 360?

no , however , get a PC it's better than xbox 360

When you buy an Xbox 360 controller for Windows PC I am assuming you buy Xbox games and put them in your PC. Am I right or do you need an Xbox 360?

you need an xbox

Can you connect xbox 360 to a computer?

Yes, you can. Connect them via an ethernet hub (router preferred) and run the connection wizard on both the console and the PC. This will allow you to browse your PC's media content (video, audio, pictures) from your Xbox 360 console.

How do you play Skyrim on PC with an xbox 360 controller?

There is no way to use your existing Xbox 360 controller on your PC. However, Microsoft have released a PC controller which is a Xbox controller.

Xbox 360 to PC how?

There are currently no PC emulators

Can PC games play on the Xbox 360?

No, the xbox 360 cannot play games that were developed for pc, and vice versa.

Will Assassins Creed brotherhood be on the xbox 360?

yes it will be on xbox 360, ps3 and PC