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yes, you can.

you can copy music to the Xbox 360

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Q: How can you put music from a flash drive to an xbox 360 hard drive?
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How do you upload things from flash drives like Mp3's onto your Xbox 360 Console hard drive so that you can play music and things without having a drive plugged in?

You have to burn it onto a disc on your computer then burn the music from the disc onto your Hard Drive.

Can you get music on your Xbox 360?

yes there is pre installed music on your hard drive

How do you move stuff from your Xbox hard drive to your flash drive?

you cant, from what i hear maybe a memory card

Is a thumbdrive compatible with the Xbox 360?

No. You can buy a hard drive for a Xbox. You can play music from a thumb drive though.

Do you have to have Xbox live to update your flash drive?

Yes you have to have Xbox live to update your flash drive.

What is the hard drive for in the xbox 360?

The hard drive is in the 360 for alot of different reasons. Many uses of the hard drive include: * Downloading Xbox 360 and Xbox originals * Accessing music * Accessing videos * Saving data for games

Can you download demos on Xbox live without hard drive?

No. The Only way to download demo's is to either pay for a brand new Xbox elite for 300$ and make sure it has a flash drive or you could plug a hard drive into the back of your Xbox and the file would be on your hard drive. But you could only play the demo with the hard drive in.

Will a USB hard drive work on Xbox 360?

AN XBOX 360 has 2 front USB ports, and 1 back USB port, an XBOX 360 hard drive will work for sure. A USB flash drive will work on the xbox 360 after you get the Spring 2010 Dashboard update

How do you transfer music from xbox 360 to samsung galaxy s?

you have to put the music on a flash drive then ,using a computer, put it on the phone.

What causes a xbox 360 to flash 3 lights?

a malfunction of the hard drive to send signals to the processor

Can you rip music onto your Xbox 360 memory card?

Nope, only a xbox 360 hard drive

How do you erase music from your Xbox 360?

To remove individual tracks go to: My XBOX > Music Libary > Select Hard Drive > Select Items and then Delete To remove all tracks go to: My XBOX > System Settings > Memory > Hard Drive > Music > Yes, Delete all Music Or you could use a strong magnet!