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These are vivosaurs you must obtain and use in the game.

After the game is complete,

you can go back and recapture them because they go away after the battle with the other legendary vivosaur.

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Q: The legendary vivosaurs on fossil fighters?
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What are all the legendary vivosaurs in fossil fighters?

Frigi, Igno, Guhvorn, Guhith, and Guhweep

What are the Four Titan Vivosaurs in fossil fighters easiest to find?

well there are only four NON-legendary vivosaurs but is you want the non-legendary and legendary its Apato,Guhweep,Guhvorn,andGuhlith.

What are the four titan vivosaurs in fossil fighters?

Here they are ingosaurs frigisaurs and The three Brains and raptin duna and dynal ( all are legendary )

How do you get champion dinosaurs in fossil fighters?

You can only get fossil fighters champions vivosaurs in fossil fighters champions! Is that simple enough for ya?

On fossil fighters what vivosaurs are strong against duna?

air-type vivosaurs such as spinax.

How do you get the legend fossil in fossil fighters?

you get the last legendary fossil when you get all 100 vivosaurs at rank twelve and talk to the guy in the top left corner in the cleaning room then you get a chicken thing

Where are the of the transformation dinos in fossil fighters?

The transformation type vivosaurs in fossil fighters are: *Guan *Proto *Aoepteryx

How do you get squik in fossil fighters?

Get all vivosaurs to rank 12.

Where can you find dinomaton in fossil fighters?

Revive the first 100 vivosaurs.

How do you delete a file and get your vivosaurs back in Fossil Fighters Champions?

You cant

How do you get duna raptin and dynal in fossil fighters?

get all 100 vivosaurs

Can you give dinosaurs on fossil fighters champions on to fossil fighters?

No but you can use the fossil cannon to shoot FOSSILS (NOT vivosaurs) to champions from the original, not vice-versa.