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You can get Duna and Raptin and dinomation by getting 100 vivosaurs.

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Q: How do you get raptin and duna on fossil fighters?
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How do you get duna raptin and dynal in fossil fighters?

get all 100 vivosaurs

In the game fossil fighters how do you get the two forms of raptin and duna?

You get 100 vivasaurs then.......

How do you get Duna and Raptin in Fossil Fighters?

You have to get the first 100 vivosaurs starting with T-Rex

What is the legendary fossil in fossil fighters champions?

there are actuly 5 of them ignosourus and frigisourus and dynal duna and raptin!!

Inthe game fossil fighters when you are a master fighter how do you get the two dinariun forms of raptin and duna?

get the first 100 vivosaurs

What do you do to get a Duna in Fossil Fighters?

You get Duna, Raptin, and Dinomation by collecting all 1-100 Vivosurs. Next, you go to the starship. After you beat Dynal for the Sob idolcomp for the time machine, go back and fight Duna Raptin and Dynal at the same time! It is incredibly hard!

What are the four titan vivosaurs in fossil fighters?

Here they are ingosaurs frigisaurs and The three Brains and raptin duna and dynal ( all are legendary )

How do you get the legendary fossil on fossil fighters champions?

get a internet connection and go to the download thing and press dowload extra data and it will give you ignosourus frigisourus and duna dynal and raptin

Why cant i hit duna raptin and dynal in fossil fighters?

because they lower you accuracy, defence, and evaison by 77 and raise their defence, evaison, and accuracy by 77.

Ive gotten 100 dinosaurs on fossil fighters but how come you cant get duna raptin and dinomation?

you got to get the first 100 vivosaurs. Example:T-rex is 001 to Archelon which is number 100.

How do you get raptin on fossil fighters?

You have to beat some one to get him

Where do you find dynal on fossil fighters?

Dynal stays on the dinurian ship. You can get to the ship by using the teleporter that you used before to get to the ship.Also when you have beaten the game (beat gunash and saurhead final) you can also OBTAIN DYNAL. you just need to go on the star ship and talk to him, he will want to battle you. But don't get all excited he's with duna and raptin! after you beat them you will receive dynal!To get duna and raptin you need to revive 100 vivosaurs.Good luck fighting Dynal, Duna and Raptin.if you want to know how to beat them search how to beat dynal, duna and raptin!Good Luck :D