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my friend code is 4469-5656-3786 what is yuors

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Q: Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Friend Codes?
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Is there new sonic games in 2009?

yes sonic and the black knight and sonic and sega allstars racing in 2010

Is there a cheat for sonic racing game?

Which one? Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing or Sonic and All Stars racing Transformed? If you can tell me which one than I can help you.

Which Sonic the Hedgehog game has the racing levels?

Well, sonic racing, for sega CD probably, dumbshit xDjk, there aresonic and friends running on their own feet racing: - sonic rivals & sonic rivals 2 (psp)sonic in racecars: *sonic and sega racing (multi platform) (just came out/coming out)*sonic drift (old school game for genesis)sonic and friends on hoverboards racing: Both of the "Sonic riders" gamesand um... that's about it... unless you count the multiplayer running/racing for sonic 3...oh and theres some multiplayer for sonic the hedgehog (2006) where you get to race but w/e

Is there a game named sonic kart racing?

There is a game called Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing.

What is the cheat codes for sonic XS?

sonic xs cheat codes

What are the Sonic codes on free Sonic?

Go on the laptop in google and put in free sonic codes cheats

Does Sonic the Hedgehog have a car?

No, he does not. Except in Sonic and SEGA Allstar Racing.

What sonic game is after sonic and the black night?

well theres 2 new games coming out. Sonic and Mario at the olympic Winter sports, and Sonic Racing.<<-- (im not sure about the title about that one but its about racing.)

Will there be a Sonic and Sega All-stars Racing 2?

I belive that sonic and sega all-stars racing 2 is being worked on

In Mario v Sonic Olympic Games do they have car racing?

no but they have track racing

In sonic and Sega all stars racing is metal sonic a playble character?


How do you unlock Metal Sonic in Sonic all star racing xbox?

He has to be downloaded