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sonic xs cheat codes

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Q: What is the cheat codes for sonic XS?
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What is the cheat in Sonic XS?

The Sonic XS game is available only online. It unfortunately does not have any cheat codes to help you get through the game.

Is there a cheat for sonic unleashed?

The are hacks for this game, but no cheat codes.

Are there any cheat codes for sonic heroes?


How many cheat codes are in sonic heroes?

there are 20 them

What are cheat codes for Sonic and the black Knight?

there are not any

Sonic riders 2 and sonic unleashed and sonic and the secret rings cheat codes?

Go to

All cheat codes of sonic rivals?

Unfortunatly, there are none!

How do you unlock everyone on sonic smash brothers?

cheat codes

What are the cheat codes of sonic smash brothers?

45612222950268 this is how to get shadow

What cheat codes are there for Sonic Unleashed?

There are no cheats for Sonic Unleashed unless you have an action replay or something similar.

Cheat codes for sonic mega collection?

go 2

How do you get to the cheat codes area in sonic smash bro?

Nobody Cares......